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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not quite EVERYTHING Elexa...

In the wake of giving up Facebook for lent, I have realized that without that website--the one on which I spend copious amount of time and indulge myself in useless information about people to whom I never talk--I have come to the conclusion that most of my time spent on my Macbook could be used for bigger and better things. Specifically, I could spend my time writing a blog about my life, documenting all of the wonderful things that I do so that maybe someday, I can look back and think that someday, my life actually had meaning.

So here I am. Welcome to my blog, "Everything Elexa." I hope you find this as exciting as I find writing it.  I cannot say what I will write about right now, but I will tell you it will be interesting--I hope.

And for my first post, I write something not too much of a controversial topic, but comical. And I hope this isn't something that goes on for too long. But face it--right now, I cannot start off this blog without addressing one of the most talked-about #unemployedwinners. Way to go, Charlie Sheen. You have successfully made entertainment history. You have fooled almost everyone in the United States and it doesn't even matter that you lost your job--where else is that show going without you.

"Winning, Duh" has instantly become a classic American saying. Ironic, too, because most Americans would argue that you are, in fact, losing. Talk shows have hired psychologists to analyze "Sheen's Korner" but not one of them has suggested what I think is the case--you are acting. You are an actor, but officials have dismissed the fact that this whole scheme of yours--this attention-hogging, webcast-posing, Twitter history-making scam--is an act. Next time a celebrity goes haywire on the Internet, it won't be the same. Congratulations, Sheen. Your "Korner" may not be the most classy, but it sure is making history.

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  1. Woo!! Interesting and exciting, yay! I'm pumped that you are blogging - hope you keep it up.